Odell Beckham didn’t get to play in the Giants‘ preseason finale on Thursday night, but he still might’ve come out as the game’s biggest winner. That’s because he got to go home with a Tom Brady jersey.

This wasn’t just any Tom Brady jersey, either. Beckham got to take home Brady’s actual game-worn jersey after the two pulled off a midfield trade following the Giants’ 17-9 win in New England.

For Beckham, the jersey trade with Brady was a dream come true.

The Giants receiver, who’s been participating in postgame jersey swaps since his rookie year in 2014, told the New York Times in October 2015 that there was only one jersey that he really, really, really wanted to get for his collection.

“The Patriots have always been a team I didn’t really like because they were always winning,” Beckham said. “But Brady’s a legend, and if he would be willing to trade with me, I can’t even give you words for that.”

Clearly, Beckham was excited by the postgame trade.

As for Brady, he doesn’t usually participate in postgame jersey swaps, so why did he agree to this one? Because apparently, he felt slightly guilty about snubbing Beckham during an incident last season.

“I promised [Beckham] a jersey and I forgot,” Brady said, via

Brady also explained why he was more than happy getting one of Beckham’s jerseys.

“He’s a great young player and I enjoy watching him play,” Brady said.

The jersey swap that went down on Thursday actually had some suspense. Due to team policy, Brady wasn’t allowed to give his jersey to Beckham on the field. So although Brady walked off the field with Beckham’s jersey, Beckham didn’t walk off the field with anything.

The receiver had to patiently wait for Brady’s jersey to be delivered and hope that he wouldn’t be snubbed again.

Beckham should probably cherish Brady’s jersey because it’s the last one the quarterback will wear for about five weeks. Brady’s suspension begins on Monday, and once it starts, he won’t be eligible to rejoin the Patriots until Oct. 3.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Tom Brady trades his jersey away after Patriots’ loss to Giants