Friday night in New York, the Nationals continued their dominance of the Mets with a 4-1 win at Citi Field (box score). Washington has now beaten the Mets four straight times and seven times in their last eight games.

In the very first inning, Jose Reyes got the game started for the Mets by literally hitting the cover off a baseball. Alas, it was not a long home run or blistering line drive. It was just a foul ball at the plate.

Check it out:

Geez, that ball had some serious spin on it, huh? That ball spun in place for a good 7-8 seconds before it finally came to a stop. Reyes put some big time English on that ball.

That’s pretty good, though not as good as the time Pedro Alvarez had to field a ball with a torn cover at third base and throw across the diamond. It did not go well, predictably.

Hey, Gaby Sanchez was in that highlight. How about that?

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Jose Reyes pulls a ‘Sandlot,’ literally hits the cover off a baseball