Joey Julius is listed at 258 pounds in the Penn State media guide, and the kicker appears to be every bit of that (and probably more) in uniform for the Nittany Lions.

So when we tell you that a kicker lowered the boom on a poor Kent State return man, we don’t say that flippantly.

The best part of the entire thing is easily the realization of what happened spreading throughout the Penn State sideline, which proceeds to lose its collective mind.

Julius also went nuts once he realized he did something that delighted his teammates. You can see it build. Was I supposed to do that … I think I was … I’m the man … put me on SportsCenter!

Maybe Penn State, which ranked No. 38 against the rush in 2015, should try Julius on its defensive line.

Source: CBS Sports / Big-boy Penn State kicker obliterates Kent State return man on kickoff