Terrifying moment in the second inning of Sunday afternoon’s game between the Angels and Mariners at Safeco Field.

Angels righty Matt Shoemaker was bloodied after being hit in the head by a line drive off the bat of Mariners second baseman Kyle Seager. Here’s the play:

Statcast says the ball left Seager’s bat at 105 mph. Seager was visibly shaken on the play; Angels players were consoling him on the field as trainers from both teams tended to Shoemaker.

The good news is Shoemaker never did lose consciousness, and he was eventually able to walk-off the field under his own power. The Angels have not yet released an update on Shoemaker, who is surely heading for a battery of tests. MRI, x-rays, the works.

We’ve seen some very scary line drives to the head in recent years. Skull fractures, broken orbital bones, concussions, all sorts of nasty stuff can happen. Hopefully Shoemaker escapes with relatively little damage.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Angels’ Shoemaker able to walk off on his own after scary line drive to the head