Jason Day’s wife Ellie and kids Dash and Lucy were involved in a bus accident earlier this week while he was playing at the Deutsche Bank Championship. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the incident clearly left everyone a bit shaken up.

Jason has seemingly not been his usual self on the course as he has fired rounds of 70, 71 and 68. And who could blame him? The Days take a recreational vehicle to PGA Tour events, so I’m sure his mind is elsewhere.

Accidents like this can really affect not only how you play but what you’re thinking about no matter what you’re doing. Ellie recently posted a really thoughtful, interesting message that I think any parent can relate to about the accident and what it made her think about.

I feel unbelievably and undeservedly blessed daily, but man, so filled with gratitude after yesterday’s accident. So scary but could have been immeasurably worse. For today, and for always I am thanking the Lord for His mighty hand of protection over our lives. You guys. Things happen fast. In an INSTANT your world can be wrecked. FOR THE LOVE. Be nice. Be gracious. Don’t get on social media to just write mean comments. I don’t even understand that about this life. Life is so stinking precious and NONE of this “stuff” matters.

The Days have had some pretty harrowing experiences over the last year. From Ellie getting steamrolled by LeBron James at a Cleveland Cavaliers game to Jason’s various ailments to this, it’s been a rough 12 months. Hopefully things will get better from here on out. But it’s also nice to see a pro athlete and his family talk about real life outside of the dream that is playing on the PGA Tour.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Jason Day’s wife posts thoughtful message after bus crash at Deutsche Bank