After a year and a half filled with debate over PSI levels, courtroom drama, private text messages going public, and all of the other strangeness that Deflategate brought upon us, Tom Brady is suspended.

As of 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, Brady is not allowed to pretty much do anything with his team. He can’t show up to games or practices. He can’t hang around his teammates in the locker room. He can’t watch film with Bill Belichick or Josh McDaniels. And he can’t invite Gronk over to his house to throw the football around his backyard. Until Oct. 3, Brady is gone.

So, early Sunday morning, the Patriots paid tribute to their star quarterback. They used their lighthouse at Gillette Stadium to do so.

The lighthouse did not look like that Saturday night when the New England Revolution, an MLS team, hosted the Colorado Rapids.

usatsi9508572.jpgThat’s a Brady-less lighthouse. USATSI

And it did not look like that when the Patriots hosted the Bears on Aug. 18 in their final preseason home game.

usatsi9484037.jpgJohn Fox looks happy. USATSI

The Patriots’ gesture did not go unnoticed. Saints coach Sean Payton, who was once banned for an entire season by the NFL due to Bountygate, showed his support for the suspended quarterback by posting the image to Twitter and tagging the Patriots in that photo.

And if you’re wondering why the lighthouse looks familiar, this might be why (as a Reddit user pointed out).

picmonkey-collage.jpgBe afraid. Patriots/Wikia

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Patriots alter lighthouse at Gillette Stadium to honor Tom Brady