Saturday night in Colorado, the Diamondbacks beat the Rockies (ARI 9, COL 4) in a game that had more to do with positioning for the 2017 draft than it did the 2016 postseason races.

Saturday’s game was A.J. Pollock‘s seventh of the season after suffering a fractured elbow in spring training. He’s gone 9 for 28 (.321) with a home run and four steals since returning, so he’s already having an impact. Unfortunately it’s a little too late for the D-Backs.

At one point late in the game, Pollock, who was roaming his usual center field, found a praying mantis on the warning track, so he did what anyone would do: he gave it to a fan. Check it out:

That little kid in the tie-dye shirt wanted nothing to do with the mantis, huh? He couldn’t get away from that thing fast enough.

The Royals keep a good luck mantis in their dugout during games — it’s actually their second good luck mantis, the first one met its demise a few weeks ago — but Pollock felt this one was better off with a fan. I’m not sure who had the better idea, the Royals or Pollock.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Diamandbacks’ A.J. Pollock hands a fan a praying mantis