After winning the NBA championship just four months after taking over the role as the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue agreed to a five-year, $35 million extension with the team. By helping to guide Cleveland back from a 3-1 deficit against Golden State in the Finals, Lue proved that he is the right voice to lead the Cavs.

However Lue doesn’t coach the Cavs all by himself. He has a veteran coaching staff that helps him and have their own special roles on the team. But unfortunately, since July 1 several of Lue’s assistants don’t have contracts for next season.

According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, assistant coaches Phil Handy, Damon Jones, Jim Boylan and James Posey currently do not have contracts for next season. Haynes also reports that associate head coach Larry Drew was supposed to get a raise due to his promotion to the role but Cleveland’s management has not yet actually delivered on that deal. This uncertainty has, rightfully so, angered Lue and the rest of the coaching staff as Haynes reports that the situation has reached the “point of hostility.”

Lue wants his entire coaching staff to return so it is rather curious that the Cavs are dragging their feet when it comes to renewing their assistant coaches’ contracts. Especially since the Cavs just won the championship and you would think they would want to do whatever they can to repeat. Sure the players do the lions share of the work on the court but coaching staffs are also extremely vital to a team’s success and Cleveland’s management should be well aware of that.

Contract negotiations can always lead to frustrations, but with the season just around the corner, Cleveland’s management should try and remedy the situation before things become even more hostile. Otherwise the Cavs could be starting off the season with turmoil instead of much deserved optimism.

Source: CBS Sports / Report: Cavs coaching staff frustrated by their own contract situations