Monday’s AngelsAthletics tilt (LAA 10, OAK 7) featured not only the near-death experience of a dragonfly, but also a ballboy of undaunted courage. Please witness the unnamed A’s employee of note as he tries to save the life of every Oakland reliever …

Excelsior! Good work, ballboy of valor. Sure, you failed to catch the ball, but there is nobility in such yeoman-like effort.

At this point, the discerning observer has very likely discerningly observed that A’s reliever Chris Smith was konked on the dome by the wayward foul. This, demonstrably, was not because of a lack of ballboy effort but rather because of Mr. Smith’s own hazardous indolence. When it comes to his showing palpable displeasure with said ballboy: Physician, heal thyself.

Ballboys and ballgirls of the world, give every effort. If the sheep do not appreciate the work of the sheepdog, then let the wolves pass unimpeded next time.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: A’s ballboy goes all out for foul ball, but one reliever is unimpressed