The immediate future for Tony Romo is now clear: he will not go on the short-term injured reserve list. Jerry Jones, appearing on his weekly spot with CBS Sports Radio affiliate 105.3 the Fan in Dallas, said the Cowboys will keep Romo active in 2016.

Less than a week ago, the Cowboys were absolutely mulling the option.

This is no different than 2015, when the Cowboys declined to use the short-term IR designation (in which Romo could return after eight weeks) on their starting quarterback.

Except this time around, Jones had a beautiful Jerrah-ism to describe the situation.

This is an odd saying, for sure. Basically the point is the mosquito has such small genitalia it’s not worth the effort to cut it off. (This ignores the basic life benefit of not having to deal with extra mosquitos by neutering one, but I digress.)

In football terms, what Jones and the Cowboys want is flexibility on when to bring Romo back. If he heals faster than they expect, they’re not restricted by a particular timeline — putting Romo on short-term IR would mean he’s out and not eligible to play until Nov. 6.

They can activate Romo whenever they want by keeping him off injured reserve.

The bigger problem for the Cowboys is they need help on defense. There’s not a single player out there who can provide more of a benefit to the Cowboys than Romo over the next few months?

The Cowboys walked this tightrope last year and it nearly paid off. Romo returned before Thanksgiving, helped beat the Dolphins and then promptly broke his collar bone again against the Panthers on Thanksgiving Day.

For Dallas, the window of a Super Bowl is short enough to warrant gambling that the team can keep things afloat until Romo is capable of coming back. Assuming Dak Prescott hasn’t stolen his job by then anyway.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Jerry Jones uses a strange saying about mosquitoes to describe plan for Tony Romo