Earlier this year, rogue CIA agents infiltrated the Cincinnati Zoo and murdered Harambe the gorilla for nothing more than the crime of babysitting. Lo these many months later, Mets right-hander Noah Syndergaard, who is blood cousin to Cecil the Lion, went to the Cincinnati Zoo and lodged the following form of protest via high-fashion menswear …

Remember when you said you would never forget? You were lying, but Noah Syndergaard wasn’t. He remembers.

Some, of course, would attest that the CIA was not behind the murder of Harambe and that Harambe was understandably taken out by zoo staff in order to spare the life of a human child. To this I would say: Wake up, sheeple.

Wake up, sheeple, and flee your enclosure before you’re summarily executed for babysitting not unlike Harambe was at the hands of the CIA. As for the righteous dissident Mr. Syndergaard, we thank him for his dedication to the cause.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Noah Syndergaard wears Harambe shirt to Cincinnati Zoo