There is the initial celebration, J.R. Smith at a Las Vegas nightclub, the championship parade, and the banner raising to start off the next season. These are the core components of any NBA championship celebration. But we also have the ring ceremony to go with the banner raising, and you can’t have a ring ceremony without championship rings. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be the latest team to receive their rings when the 2016-17 season kicks off.

Thanks to briefly retired but now returning NBA champion Richard Jefferson and his Snapchat account, we have a glimpse into what those rings will look like. There’s the Cavs’ logo with the Larry O’Brien trophy as a part of it. There’s different scenery of the city of Cleveland, along with a Roman numeral “LII” representing the 52-year absence of championships in the city with professional sports teams. This ring has it all.

And most importantly of all, there is the giant diamond encrusted “World Champions” hugging the middle of the ring on the top and bottom of it.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Richard Jefferson gives us a glimpse at the Cavs 2016 championship rings