To be a fly on the wall for Tiger Woods rolling through a presentation at his child’s career day.

That’s what Woods did this week at his daughter Sam’s third grade class. Sam’s teacher tweeted out the photo of Woods’ visit on Tuesday. He was dressed, as he normally is, ready for grind session in the gym.

How does this even go?

Stands up, walks to front of class, takes breath

“I am the greatest of all time.”

Sits down

Is that how it goes? I hope it is. I’m kidding, of course. It’s actually really cool to see Woods involved in his kids’ lives. His old coach Sean Foley said recently he’s really locked in to being a great dad.

“He’s got this incredible love for his daughter Sam,” said Foley. “They have a really beautiful connection. There’s more to life than winning a major. At some point as you get older, you recognize that.”

Woods has, it seems. The question now is whether he can balance this attitude with a pro career into the future. If he even plays again.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / LOOK: Tiger Woods speaks at child’s school, might be best ‘career day’ guest ever