Stephen Curry says the Golden State Warriors aren’t thinking about chasing history again. After the best regular season of all-time and a heartbreaking NBA Finals loss, Curry told reporters in Hong Kong that beating their own 73-win mark is not a priority.

“Seventy-four isn’t really a goal,” Curry said. “If it happens, it happens. But all of our energy will be spent on getting ourselves ready for a championship run. We want to have a great regular season, obviously you don’t want to have any slip-ups, but I don’t think coming into the season with a goal of 74 is a good focus. It’s about winning a championship.”

This is really the only way to answer a question on this subject in September. Since it’s September, though, it’s pretty much meaningless. What’ll be interesting is what happens if the Warriors start the season 24-0 again, or go into the All-Star break with only four losses again. If they come close to matching last year’s pace, it’s going to be impossible to completely ignore the possibility.

After giving up a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, Golden State took criticism for the way it unapologetically chased the record late in the regular season. With Kevin Durant in the fold, there is speculation that coach Steve Kerr will give his stars some nights off, San Antonio Spurs-style, next time. That would send a message that the only goal is holding a trophy in June.

Remember, though, that for most of the 2015-16 season, Curry’s if-it-happens-it-happens stance was exactly the same. Until the Warriors were extremely close to 73, they tried as much as they could to focus on each individual game without getting caught up in the hoopla. If they were too obsessed with winning 73 games, it would never have happened.

Curry’s quote here reflects one of Golden State’s biggest challenges. More so than last year, and even more so than the 2010 Miami Heat, this Warriors superteam will enter the season with the highest expectations imaginable. Until Golden State beat the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls‘ record, it was largely thought to be impossible. Now, if that record is not in range, some will argue that the Warriors are underachieving. Curry knows that he and his teammates can’t let that pressure derail them.

Source: CBS Sports / Warriors’ Curry says 74 wins isn’t a goal, but then, 73 wasn’t either