“Mean Tweets” is just sort of a thing at this stage of life, part of popular culture. Someone collects the horrible things that faceless eggs say about famous people online and then has the famous people read them.

The Bills put together a version of it and, my goodness, Buffalo fans basically jumped backward off a table onto the team’s collective stomach.

The primary target for these fans? Coach Rex Ryan and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Obviously.

Sammy Watkins looks visibly tortured by these messages, and it’s hard not to blame him. Dude is a stud and his fans aren’t cutting him any slack.

Richie Incognito was the real star here, pointing out he is, in fact, a d— and showing some pretty good humor about himself.

But nothing was better than Rob and Rex. Rob clearly gives no bleeps about anything. Rex, meanwhile, looks like he thought this would be a cute, fun exercise and is suddenly irate that there are people out there threatening to strangle him with his lap band.

Although, yes, he does agree his brother looks like a grandmother from West Virginia.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Bills read ‘Mean Tweets’ and Rex and Rob Ryan get crushed