Texas Tech deserved a little something special after a nice 69-17 win against Stephen F. Austin over the weekend. Kliff Kingsbury’s squad worked out some kinks, got star quarterback Patrick Mahomes rolling and set the stage for what should be a great Week 2 matchup with Arizona State.

While Florida State and Ole Miss were trading blows on Labor Day, Kingsbury treated Texas Tech to a little amateur wrestling. The “Monday Night Raw” setup on the field was complete with an announcer, steel chair, table and a John Cena impersonator. The storyline of the event was set up perfectly for the Cena character to star, and by the end of the routine, the team got to see someone go through a table.

Wrestling might be scripted, but these players’ reactions were not. That looks like a helluva lot of fun.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Texas Tech players go nuts as team holds WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ at practice