Dodgers utilityman Enrique Hernandez is a versatile feller. This season alone, he’s seen action at six different positions, including each up-the-middle spot sans catcher.

Turns out Hernandez is now testing his protean nature by trying his hand at another profession entirely. He recently filmed a guest appearance on “The Bold and the Beautiful” — the world’s most-watched serial. Here’s a look at Hernandez on the set:

1087030362b.jpgEnrique Hernandez: now an actor. CBS

Bold and beautiful, right?

Hernandez evidently helps out a character tasked with singing the national anthem, which is obviously a topic of conversation these days. The episode will air on Sept. 12, so set your DVRs to find out if his range is as good as it seems to be.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Dodgers’ Hernandez to guest star on CBS’ ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’