It has now been almost 10 seasons since Joba Chamberlain broke onto the scene as a rookie with the Yankees in 2007. He allowed one earned run and struck out 34 in 24 relief innings after being called up at midseason.

Chamberlain and the Yankees lost to the Indians in the ALDS that year, and in Game 2 of the series, Joba blew a lead because he was distracted by midges in Cleveland. The little insects come off the lake and invade the city periodically. Here’s the video:

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Pretty amazing the umpires let the teams use bug spray so liberally like that. It’s a foreign substance! Then again, the umps were using it themselves, so I guess it would be hard to say no to the players. Anyway, Chamberlain blew the lead in Game 2 and the Yankees lost the series in four games.

Wednesday night, the midges returned to Cleveland, and this time they gave Indians righty Carlos Carrasco a hard time. In fact, one of the bugs flew into Carrasco’s eye during a pitch. Check it out:

Yuck. That is pretty gross. All the bugs flying around must be distracting for both the pitcher and hitter. Both teams have to deal with them, remember.

Chamberlain, who was watching from afar, had some advice for his former Indians teammates:

That’s right, don’t use the bug spray. Apparently that only attracts the midges. It doesn’t scare them away. But the Indians know that, I’m sure. They deal with the midges many times throughout the season.

Source: CBS Sports / Joba Chamberlain has some advice for the Indians with midges back in Cleveland