Generally speaking, whenever a fan sends mail to the ballpark, they’re looking for something in return. An autograph, a photo, tickets, whatever. Most are polite about it, sure, but they often want something from the team.

This week, a 67-year-old Indians fan named Jacque Mazey sent a package to the team at Progressive Field, but it did not include cards or photos to sign. No, the package included one hand-crocheted afghan for each player, coach, and broadcaster with the team. There are more than 40 of them in all.

Check it out:

Each afghan took 3-4 weeks to complete, so this project started a long time ago. Forty afghans at three weeks apiece equals more than two years worth of crocheting. That’s dedication.

On top of the afghans, each package also included a hand-written note from Mazey that gave directions on how to care for the blanket, among other things. That’s helpful!

Here’s the note Michael Brantley received:

“(The afghan) is to show my support and appreciation for all of you,” says the letter. “I’ve been an Indians fan my entire life. I tell my friends that watching all of you is the best reality TV ever.”

Well done, Jacque. These Indians look like they have something special going on, and it’s thanks to special fans like Mazey.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Fan crochets more than 40 afghans for Indians players and staff