Mike Zimmer has finally made a decision about the quarterback situation in Minnesota, and it appears that his decision is to not make a decision, yet.

The Vikings coach announced on Wednesday that he’s not ready to announce who’s going to start the team’s regular season opener in Tennessee on Sunday.

The Vikings are either going to go with Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford.

“If it’s Bradford, it’s Bradford,” Zimmer said, via The St. Paul Pioneer Press. “If it’s Shaun, it’s Shaun. We’ve got three more days of practice.”

Either Zimmer’s playing mind games with the Titans, or he truly doesn’t know who’s going to start yet.

The downside of starting Bradford is that he’s only been on the roster for all of four days.

Zimmer’s decision to hold off on his decision means that the Vikings are currently the only team in the NFL that hasn’t yet named a starting quarterback for Week 1.

The problem for Zimmer is that even if he thinks Bradford is the better quarterback, Hill is way more familiar with the Vikings’ offense and would probably be better suited to start Week 1. Of course, if Bradford can learn enough of the Vikings’ playbook over the next three days, then Zimmer might let him start the game.

Mike Mularkey isn’t buying into Zimmer’s mind games. The Titans coach is expecting Bradford to start, and that’s mainly because the Vikings gave up so much to get him. Minnesota sent a 2017 first-round pick and a conditional fourth-round pick to Philly in exchange for Bradford.

“The number of starts [Bradford has had], he’s a very intelligent quarterback, he’s faced this defense before,” Mularkey said, via “They wouldn’t give up a [No.] 1 and a [No.] 4 to have him sit very long. He’s had a very good preseason — really, both the quarterbacks had good preseasons. I would anticipate [Bradford starts], and if he doesn’t, it’s not going to change how we prepare.”

As for Hill, he’s not really paying attention to what the media has to say about the Vikings’ quarterback situation.

“I don’t read anything you guys write. When I watch TV, I watch Disney Junior. So unless it scrolls across the bottom on Disney Junior, I don’t see it,” Hill said, via “I stay right in my lane. I keep that same narrow focus throughout the whole season, whether I’m playing or not.”

If Zimmer does decide to go with Bradford, the quarterback says he’ll be ready, even though at that point he’ll only have had a few days of practice under his belt.

“I’ve been through quite a few ups and downs in this league,” Bradford said. “As far as my confidence, and my mental approach to things, I don’t think [short preparation] would have any effect.”

The good thing about the Vikings playbook is that all Bradford really has to learn how to do is hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Mike Zimmer makes an odd announcement about the Vikings’ quarterback situation