Wesley Bryan recently made a name for himself by graduating from the Tour to the PGA Tour by winning three tournaments in a single season. Wesley and his brother George were previously known as the foremost trick shot artists in golf, the Bryan Bros. The transformation of Wesley from internet sensation into legitimately great player on the Tour has been incredible.

But let’s not forget about George either. George was a multiple-time All-American at South Carolina, and he’s continuing on with the trick shots as seen recently at South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium. The brothers did a series of trick shots to open up college football season in 2015, and George did another one to kick off things in 2016.

This time from the top of Williams-Brice as he buried a wedge shot in a trash can that looks to be about 900 yards away (but is probably only about 100 yards away). Impressive stuff from George who has played in two Tour events himself this year.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Golfer makes impressive trick shot atop South Carolina football stadium