Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love turned 28 on Wednesday. Naturally, a certain future Hall of Famer who also plays for the Cavs wanted to acknowledge this. Since it is 2016, the superstar went on Instagram to deliver Love a message:

Wow. Yes, that is LeBron James singing “Happy Birthday” like a maniac while pointing at a Sports Illustrated magazine with Love on the cover from eight years ago. Yes, that is James instructing the photo of Love to smile. Yes, that is James laughing, Nelson Muntz-style, at the end.

This is deeply weird, but it’s definitely not the first time James has done something strange on Instagram. You might recall him screaming in the gym this past season, and you surely haven’t forgotten 2015’s sad mirror selfie.

It might seem like James has lost his mind, but this is kind of normal for him.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: LeBron James sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kevin Love magazine cover