Tim Tebow! We of the internet are discussing Mr. Tebow at marathon length because the Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL backer of quarters on Thursday signed a minor-league contract with the Mets. Tebow of course held an August baseball showcase, and soon enough his pro baseball career will begin in fall instructionals (with some time carved out for his college football TV pursuits).

Speaking of Teeb’s fledgling baseball career, the dude is already hawking signed bats and baseballs, as is his right. Feast thine eyes …

Yep, redeemable U.S. currency will fetch you some of that. Here’s where you can do that, should the spirit move you.

Tim Tebow is a ballplayer now, and the Tebow-Industrial Complex is as potent and prominent as ever, people.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Yep, Tim Tebow is already selling autographed baseballs and bats