“Looks the part with a tall, workable frame. Good arm strength to deliver downfield with above average velocity, using his body rhythm and touch to accurately control the placement.”

Those are the first two sentences of the “strengths” section in Dane Brugler’s scouting report on former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, who was eventually selected with the No. 2 overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. I bring this up because “good arm strength” is something that has been noticed by at least one of Wentz’s teammates, as well.


That’s not strictly true, of course; North Dakota is 2.4 percent water. But I don’t think that was Matthews’ point. The point was that Wentz can sling it. He’s going to need to do so, accurately, a whole lot in order for the Eagles to get some wins this season.

Source: CBS Sports / Matthews: Wentz can throw deep because ‘there’s nothing but land in North Dakota’