Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. It’s hard to imagine this era of golf without the two of them, in some way, being compared and contrasted.

Woods has obviously been better but Mickelson has had more longevity. Even still — and I cannot believe I’m typing this — Woods has won more recently than Mickelson.

Lefty told ESPN on Wednesday he is hoping they get to play together when Woods (hopefully) makes his return at the Safeway Open in October in Napa, California. Mickelson has already committed to the event, and that would be some kind of group if they were in fact paired together.

“I’m hoping we can get paired together [at the Safeway Open],” Mickelson told ESPN. “That would be really fun. I would love it. It’s great to have him back, and hopefully he’s physically able to practice the way he needs.”

The last time they played in the same group was at the 2014 PGA Championship.

Mickelson also echoed what Jason Day said of Woods in his press conference on Wednesday: Our expectations will be high, but that doesn’t mean Woods is going to meet them.

“We’re always going to have high expectations because the guy is arguably one of the two greatest players in history, if not the greatest,” Mickelson told ESPN. “Our expectations of him will always be high. It doesn’t mean given all the health issues and challenges that he’s faced … it doesn’t mean that’s fair.”

I’m all-in for a Mickelson-Woods grouping at the Safeway Open, though the poor guys making up the rest of the field would hardly have any gallery at all. It might just be marshals and family members. Still, a fall event has now become must-see TV for anyone interested in golf.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Phil Mickelson wants to play with Woods when Tiger comes back