Former NBPA head Billy Hunter was removed three years ago under a cloud of suspicion regarding improper practices, including the hiring of family members in key positions and contract situations. Hunter is suing the union for wrongful termination, and now ESPN reports that some extremely big names have been served for deposition in the case:

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers teammate James Jones and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul have been served with notices of deposition in former NBA players’ union executive director Billy Hunter’s wrongful termination lawsuit against the National Basketball Players Association, sources said Thursday.

Source: LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Paul of Los Angeles Clippers served in Billy Hunter lawsuit.

Hunter won a major contention point in June when a court threw out 12 of 14 counterclaims from the union. Hunter told CBS Sports he felt “victimized” after he claimed he wasn’t allowed to counter any accusations against him prior to his termination.

lebroncp3.jpgLeBron James and Chris Paul will give depositions in Billy Hunter’s civil case. USATSI

Following the changes that remade the NBA’s executive committee, members said one of their primary concerns was removing “outside” influences from the union and putting control back in the hands of the players. The union subsequently hired Michele Roberts, who has brought a much tougher position in the public face of the NBPA, even as they move closer towards a new labor agreement to avoid a lockout next year with the league.

Source: CBS Sports / Report: LeBron James, Chris Paul to be deposed in Billy Hunter lawsuit