The relationship between former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal can best be described as cordial. The competitive fire they both had has led Bryant and O’Neal to not see eye-to-eye on more than one occasion. They were, however, able to work together and win three championships with the Lakers.

Also, any animosity the two have had for one anotherseemed to have disappeared. O’Neal still likes to joke about Bryant, but all in all, the two acknowledge each other as brothers and perhaps even as friends. They are so chummy that Bryant will supposedly be training O’Neal’s eldest son in the ways of the Black Mamba.

Despite the burying of the hatchet between the two, perhaps not all is right. As according to O’Neal, Bryant has still not reached out or congratulated him about making into the Hall of Fame.

Now let’s give Bryant the benefit of the doubt here. Despite his playing days being over, Kobe Inc. likely keeps Bryant very busy. But on the other hand, texting and social media makes getting in touch with people so easy these days. Bryant’s also active on Twitter yet hasn’t even fired off a tweet to congratulate O’Neal. Plus, O’Neal was selected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame back in April, so that means Bryant hasn’t congratulated his former teammate for five months.

Of course Bryant could just be waiting for O’Neal’s actual induction on Friday to congratulate him, which will just be fine and dandy. However it is curious that Bryant hasn’t said anything to O’Neal yet. But then again, Bryant is an enigma and it is very had to understand him. Something that O’Neal was all too familiar with during their playing days.

Source: CBS Sports / Shaq says Kobe has yet to congratulate him on Hall of Fame induction