I have to say, I’m a little bit surprised at the odds Tiger Woods is getting for the 2016 Safeway Open. Woods announced on Wednesday that he will likely make his return in Napa, Calif. On Thursday, Bovada put out a few numbers on his re-emergence into the PGA Tour world.

  • To make the cut: 4-7
  • To win: 50-1
  • To finish top five: 9-1
  • To finish top 10: 4-1
  • To finish top 20: 7-4

There was a time when you could not even get Woods to win at 7-4, and now you can get him to finish in the top 20. The odd part about these odds is not that they are incorrect. If anything, they aren’t high enough. The actual odds that Woods wins in Napa are more like 700-1, but this is how gambling works.

No, the strange part is that Woods is actually a 50-1 favorite to win the Masters next spring and has been for a while I believe.

Here is why this is odd. Nobody plays in the Safeway Open. At least not the same elite players that are playing in the Masters. Granted, Woods will have a few tournaments under his belt when he heads to Augusta, but it’s still interesting that his odds are the same for a mid-October event as they are for the Masters.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Tiger Woods is a long shot to win in his return at the Safeway Open