It looks like Von Miller now has 801 pairs of shoes in his collection.

The Broncos linebacker, who recently bragged that he owns 800 pairs of shoes, unveiled a new pair on Thursday night — only these weren’t exactly shoes, they were Yeezy cleats that came courtesy of Kanye West.

Don’t stare for too long because the chances of you getting a pair are zero percent. The specially-made cleats were sent to Miller from Kanye and Adidas in time for the NFL’s regular season opener on Thursday night.

Although Miller got them for free, I’m guessing they’d sell for about $600 if Kanye decides to roll those things out nationally.

If you’re wondering why Kanye would send anything to Miller, there’s a good chance that this is a pity present. Apparently, West snubbed Miller when he asked for an autograph back in February while both were in New York for “Saturday Night Live.” However, Miller did eventually get Kanye’s autograph after he got a little bit of help from West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

You can hear Miller talk about the experience in the video below. The Kanye story starts around the 1:25 mark and goes for almost two minutes.

Source: CBS Sports / Von Miller unveils sweet Yeezy cleats sent from Kanye for NFL opener