Football is a weird sport and weird things always happen. Take Thursday’s NFL opener between the Broncos and Panthers, which featured a first-half touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Kelvin Benjamin that was quickly answered by Denver.

Naturally it was … Andy Janovich who scored?

On a fullback belly call, Janovich took the handoff from Trevor Siemian, burst through the line, into the open field and rumbled his way to the end zone for a touchdown.

This was a pretty unlikely play, considering Janovich doesn’t exactly have a ton of open-field speed.

What makes it even wilder is the streak currently happening with NFL fullbacks and rushing touchdowns to start the season.

Remember this is rushing touchdowns. Will Johnson didn’t score until the third quarter for the Steelers last year. Kuhn actually scored the first touchdown of the season to put the Packers up 7-3 against the Seahawks.

And it came pretty close to being four-straight seasons, since Vonta Leach, the Ravens fullback, actually caught a touchdown pass from Joe Flacco in 2013.

Unfortunately for fantasy football players, Janovich wasn’t much help.

But there are seven lucky dudes who started him in DFS holding out hope for a steal of a pick.

Next year, pick a random fullback and take monster odds on him scoring the first touchdown in the NFL opener. It might not be as unlikely as you think.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Broncos fullback continues a peculiar opening-night tradition