Every Friday, the Friday Five will rank something in the world of college football — anything and everything from the logical to the illogical. This week, we rank five new career paths for Tim Tebow in case this whole baseball thing doesn’t work out.

Have you heard the news? Tim Tebow is going all Michael Jordan on us. He’s giving up his current job as an analyst — and football — to return to baseball. Seriously, the New York Mets have signed him and plan on giving him a shot in the minor leagues.

And the Mets weren’t the only team that was interested!

Apparently there were a few MLB teams that saw Tebow’s tryout and thought he had potential, and he just might. While he’s known for football, Tebow was a pretty good baseball player in high school as well.

Now, plenty of people will mock Tebow for this, and others will say this is all just a way for him to keep himself in the spotlight. I don’t blame anybody for doing either of these things, as I’m about to do one of them, but before I go on, I have to say I don’t begrudge Tebow in the slightest for giving baseball a shot.

It’s not like he’s the only 29 year old in this world looking for a new career, and honestly, if I was talented enough to warrant attention from an MLB team, I’d give it a shot in a heartbeat. I have to think most of us would.

So I wish Tim all the luck in the world as he chases this baseball dream, but I’m also a realist. It’s incredibly difficult for the most talented baseball players in the world to reach the big leagues even when baseball is their life. Tebow is 29, and hasn’t played baseball competitively for a long time. The odds are certainly stacked very much against him, and with that in mind, I thought I’d help Tim come up with some fallback options.

Just in case the baseball career doesn’t work out.

5. Hockey

Can Tebow skate? I feel like that is a big question that needs to be answered if he’s going to give hockey a try. I can’t imagine hockey is a very popular sport in the Philippines or in Florida. At least, not for kids growing up. Still, when you look at Tebow, you know he’s an excellent athlete, and he certainly has the size to play hockey.

If he can skate at all, based on what I have seen from his baseball swing, I imagine he might have a pretty heavy slapshot. Possibly even big enough to warrant giving him a shot as a defenseman, or maybe even a power forward role.

4. The Canadian Football League

Here’s something I don’t quite understand. If Tebow is willing to give baseball a try, why did he never take a shot in the Canadian Football League? There have been plenty of great college players who weren’t cut out for the NFL that went north of the border and had solid careers.

So why give up football completely to try baseball without giving the CFL a shot first? Is it a prestige thing? It has to be a prestige thing, right? Like, if it isn’t the NFL, it isn’t good enough. Whatever he is, if baseball doesn’t work out, Tim should really give the CFL some consideration.

3. WWE Wrestler

While he may not have the cartoonish physique we see on so many wrestlers, Tebow is still an impressive physical specimen. He’s also an incredibly polarizing character, so it’s not like he wouldn’t get an immediate pop (look at me using wrasslin’ parlance) from crowds all over the country. Now, of course when Tebow began his WWE career, he’d be a face because he’s still Tim Tebow after all, but could you imagine the reaction when Tebow made his heel turn?

He’d be more popular than ever, and he would be a very attractive asset to the WWE and could make quite a bit of money doing so.

The only question is if he’d be willing to take the physical beating and deal with life on the road all the time.

2. Action Movie Star

A former college football player in the state of Florida giving wrestling a try and then moving on to the world of action movies? We certainly haven’t heard that story before.


the-rock-ufc.jpgTim Tebow could follow The Rock’s career path. Getty Images

Tim could be the next The Rock!

1. The Bachelor

I don’t watch The Bachelor, but I have plenty of colleagues who do. With so many friends hyping the show to me in recent years, I decided to give it a shot this last season, so I DVR’d the first episode.

I got about 10 minutes into it before deciding that my life without The Bachelor was better than one with it, but that doesn’t mean Tim Tebow wouldn’t benefit from it.

I mean, if you think about it, Tebow wouldn’t even be the first Florida Gators quarterback to be on the show. Before he made his way into your living room every weekend in a tailored suit, Jesse Palmer was The Bachelor, and I think Tebow could be too.

Can you just imagine watching Tim dealing with a house full of spotlight-craved women who will do anything for more television time? It would be reality television at its absolute peak, as Tebow could go on dates with the ladies where they play checkers or whatever it is that Tim Tebow does on a date. I honestly don’t know what he’d do. That’s probably one of the main reasons this needs to happen, just so we’d all know.

Honorable Mention: Basketball player, Hedge Fund manager, Governor, Christian Rock Star

Source: CBS Sports / Friday Five: New career paths for Tim Tebow if baseball doesn’t work out