One of the big advantages of being a billionaire is that if you really want something, you can just go out and buy it, and that’s exactly what Jerry Jones did this season when he decided he wanted a helicopter.

The Cowboys owner, who already owns a private jet and two luxury buses, recently added a helicopter to his vehicle collection, and because this is Jones we’re talking about, it wasn’t just any helicopter: It was a Dallas Cowboys helicopter.

Not only is the helicopter decked out with a Dallas Cowboys logo on it, but it’s tail is also in the shape of a football.

Really, every owner should probably get one of these bad boys and put their own team’s logo on it.

Jones’ helicopter is an H145 that he purchased from Airbus Helicopters, just in case you’re thinking about buying one of your own, and you really should, according to Jones.

Apparently, one of the big advantages of owning a helicopter is that you can shoot a lot of things while you’re in it.

“It’s basically a tool that we want to really use to be a part of the function of the franchise,” Jones said on Thursday, via

The new vehicle allows Jones to get from the Cowboys practice facility in Frisco to their stadium in Arlington in just 13 minutes. Jones can also get from his home to the Cowboys practice facility in just nine minutes.

Here’s a closer look at the helicopter.

“It is state-of-the-art,” Jones said, via “Certainly it’s novel because not many of us ride in helicopters, but this is multi-use, has the best power, has the best speed, has the best range. We’re excited about that, and if we could just figure out a way for it to help us make some first downs, we’d really appreciate it.”

Of course, any helicopter story that doesn’t have video of the helicopter in action isn’t a good helicopter story, so here’s a short video of Jones arriving at the Cowboys’ practice facility on Thursday.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Jerry Jones buys awesome helicopter with the Cowboys logo on it