It looks like Vikings coach Mike Zimmer couldn’t keep his quarterback decision a secret forever. According to, Shaun Hill will be the Vikings starter for the team’s regular season opener on Sunday in Tennessee.

Zimmer probably won’t be happy to find out that his quarterback decision leaked. Earlier this week, the Vikings coach had said that he was going to make a decision, but not tell anyone. Then on Friday, Zimmer reiterated his secretive stance by announcing that he knew who the quarterback was going to be, but he wasn’t going to tell anyone his decision until Sunday.

Unfortunately for Zimmer, the cat got out of the bag early.

For the Vikings, choosing a starting quarterback this week probably wasn’t easy. Although Sam Bradford is better than Hill, Bradford’s been on the roster for less than a week, which means that he hasn’t had much time to learn Minnesota’s offense.

I know what you’re thinking: “All he has to do is learn how to hand it off to Adrian Peterson and that’s easy.” But in his defense, it is slightly more complicated than that. In the end, it looks like the Vikings’ coaching staff decided to go with the player who was more familiar with Minnesota’s offensive playbook.

The game against the Titans will mark Hill’s first game as a starter since December 2014. Hill has a 16-18 career as a starter, which includes a 4-5 record in 2014 when he was a starter for the Rams. Coincidentally, the only reason Hill started that year is because the Rams lost Bradford for the season after he suffered an ACL injury.

Bradford might be the backup this week, but don’t look for that to last too long. The Vikings didn’t give up a first-round pick for Bradford to keep him on the bench. It wouldn’t be shock at all to see Bradford named the starting quarterback for the Vikings’ home opener against the Packers in Week 2.

Source: CBS Sports / Vikings have reportedly decided on a starting quarterback for Week 1