Gennady Golovkin is in London to face welterweight star Kell Brook for Golovkin’s middleweight titles on Saturday evening (5:30 p.m. ET) in a highly anticipated bout.

Brook is arguably the most talented fighter that Golovkin has faced in his career, even if there are concerns over Brook’s ability to contend with Golovkin’s power at 160 pounds. That power has decimated the middleweight division, with Golovkin scoring 22 consecutive knockouts and 32 overall knockouts in his undefeated 35-bout career.

Ahead of Golovkin-Brook, HBO Boxing compiled some of Golovkin’s greatest hits, showing his knockouts over the years, the devastating power he possesses in both hands and the ability to send an opponent to the canvas with head shots or body blows.

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Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Gennady Golovkin’s best knockouts ahead of Kell Brook fight