The headline in the Pirates‘ win over the Cardinals on Wednesday was that the Pirates had finally broken their season-crippling eight-game losing streak. Digging deeper, though, was that the winning pitcher in that game was Pirates reliever Trevor Williams.

Williams, 24, was making his MLB debut and he worked three scoreless innings to get the ball to closer Tony Watson in the ninth. It was an outstanding effort for sure. One that happened in front of his family, including his teary-eyed father.

”We hugged and shed a few tears together,” Williams said (via the Associated Press). ”It’s a moment I’m never going to forget. To be able to have my father here, the man who has been with me every step of the way on my baseball journey, meant the world to me.”

It gets more touching, though. Williams revealed later that his father has been battling lymphoma. So through that harrowing journey, the elder Williams got to have the moment of sheer joy when getting the phone call to hear that his son was achieving his lifelong dream. It was then followed with witnessing his son shut down a powerful offense for three innings and then help snap a losing streak for his team.

Take this one with you for the weekend. It’s such a feel-good story.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: The Pirates gave us the most touching family moment of the MLB season