Imagine you just started your first day of high school. A nerve-racking, confusing, tense time in your life. You go to the park to hoop a little bit, even if there are still some puddles on the court from the rain. You’re just shooting, alone, when the NBA All-Star captain of your favorite team shows up and wants to shoot with you.

That happened to a kid in Cambridge. The Boston Globe has the story, which you should read the whole of:

“He was the only kid there,” Thomas said. “So I’m like, ‘I’m just going to go get some shots up with him.’ When I walked over, he rebounded his own shot and turned around and I’m like, ‘Can I get a couple shots?’ And he stopped. He didn’t even say a word, like his eyes were so big. He just stopped and froze and I’m like, ‘Pass me the ball.’ “

Source: Playground fantasy: A Celtic walks up and joins in.

Later, on, Thomas left a comment on a picture the two took which the youngster, Robbie McNulty, had posted on his Instagram account.

So now Robbie is “that kid that played with Isaiah Thomas.”

isaiah0910.jpgIsaiah Thomas had some fun with a local Cambridge student. USATSI

Thomas also says in the piece that since he used to be that kid who would die for that kind of encounter, he feels the need to pay it forward. Thomas has become one of the most likable players in the league, and has really embraced being the leader for the Celtics, on and off the court. Stuff like this only helps to further that.

Also, pretty amazing that if this happened 15 years ago, McNulty would have had zero way of documenting it and no one would have believed him.

Source: CBS Sports / Celtics’ Thomas shoots hoops with surprised local student at park