College football fans spent most of the short week complaining about the lack of competitive games on the Week 2 schedule, so we probably should have expected this because it’s already looking like anything but a dull game day.

Pittsburgh and Penn State not only played a thriller in Heinz Field, but Central Michigan went into Stillwater, Oklahoma, and stole a win for the MAC against Oklahoma State. The Chips needed a few breaks to hang around but got truly lucky that this incredible lateral touchdown play to win worked out in their favor.

Let’s count all the awesome wrinkles to the unlikely game-winning play.

1. An untimed down: When there’s zeroes on the clock before the snap no one is rushing. The offense and the defense had time to set, raising the intensity to a peak just as the pass was in the air. Also, the untimed down itself was controversial!

2. A Hail Mary: We haven’t had a Hail Mary this good yet in 2016. We welcome the Hail Mary back with open arms.

3. A lateral: It wasn’t hook-and-ladder, and it may not have even been planned, but somehow this Hail Mary-lateral worked.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: CMU shocks Oklahoma St. on controversial untimed Hail Mary lateral TD