Gary Sanchez has spent the last few weeks treating big-league baseball like a glorified softball league, hitting .341/.417/.707 with 12 home runs in 32 games.

On Saturday, Sanchez took that simile one step further against the Rays.

Before we introduce the video, let’s set the scene. The Yankees were up by two runs and had runners at second and third with nobody out. As a result, Rays manager Kevin Cash asked pitcher Enny Romero to intentionally walk Sanchez, setting up a potential double play and/or the force at any base. There was just one problem: Romero’s first lob came close enough to the plate for Sanchez to put a swing on it:

Yup, that’s Sanchez nearly homering to left-center on what was supposed to be an intentional ball. It’s worth noting that would’ve been his second home run of the game.

Expect more teams to issue four wide ones to Sanchez in the coming weeks — heck, the coming years. And expect pitchers to do a better job of making sure they miss the plate.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: The legend of Gary Sanchez grows with near-homer on intentional ball