The Raiders entered this season with a considerable amount of hype, and their momentum looked like it might be slowed a bit after the defense got carved up by Drew Brees and the Saints on the road.

Then Jack Del Rio donned his finest feather-plumed riverboat captain’s hat and went full YOLO by calling for a two-point conversion to give the Raiders a chance at winning the game and avoiding overtime.

Derek Carr, who played well in the opener and particularly late, found Michael Crabtree on the conversion and stunned the whole world.

The only issue was leaving 45 seconds on the clock for Brees and the Saints offense to get in field-goal range. The Raiders pulled a “bend but don’t totally break” defense out and limited the Saints to a 61-yard field goal attempt, a sub-optimal number in normal circumstances, but particularly tough when they cut their veteran kicker five days ago to save some money and only had rookie Wil Lutz available.

Spoiler: He missed the kick.

If only there were an easy option for this juevos-on-the-table version of Del Rio out there…

The Raiders became the first team since 2008 to pull off a two-point conversion to go ahead in the final minute of the fourth quarter.

Source: CBS Sports / Del Rio goes full riverboat gambler, beats Saints with bold two-point conversion