On Sunday, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio did a very bold thing when he decided to go for a two-point conversion with less than a minute left and the Raiders having the opportunity to tie the Saints on the road.

The Raiders got the two-pointer, and the result was a victory for Oakland, a spark-plug win for a young team with high expectations that was trailing by double-digit points earlier.

The folks at ESPN Stats and Info, who do wonderful work finding excellent fun and interesting stats, tweeted out a note that according to their probability model, Del Rio had a better chance of winning the game by kicking.

Del Rio promptly leg-dropped them off the top rope.

ESPN coaching the Raiders would be weird for any number of reasons. Most of all because ESPN is a lot of people and not one single human capable of making decisions on a sideline. Also, would ESPN bring an axe and a giant stump of wood into a locker room? I think not.

Sunday’s call was even bolder of a move from Del Rio than telling his team to chop wood. It was a move that required absolute stones, but also the sort of move you can make when you’re on the road in a tough environment and not doing a great job of stopping Drew Brees on defense.

Someone winning in that way does not happen often.

But it happened on Sunday, and it apparently wouldn’t have happened if analytics had the final say.

Source: CBS Sports / Del Rio has an amazing response when analytics say he shouldn’t have gone for 2