Football is fickle and it’s always possible that whatever game is being played could be a player’s last. It’s especially important to remember this when it comes to legendary players. Larry Fitzgerald comes immediately to mind, and according to a report, the world could be getting ready to watch his swan song.

Ian Rappoport NFL Network reported Sunday morning that Fitz is telling close friends that 2016 could be his final year.

There are plenty of factors that go into this sort of decision, and assuming they are all locked in by Week 1 of the season is silly.

Last year was Steve Smith’s final season until he suffered an injury and his team was terrible.

Fitz has a contract issue that dovetails with his status as a member of the Cardinals too. Arizona isn’t going to pay him what he wants just because he’s one of the franchise’s greatest (the franchise’s greatest?) players.

He might prefer saving his body to either taking a pay cut to stay with Arizona or playing elsewhere.

Or maybe he’s just not retiring! This isn’t exactly a brand-new narrative for Fitzgerald.

Also, there’s one person who’s kind of close to Fitz that says he hasn’t heard a word yet. Hi dad!

Fitzgerald has never been a guy who only worried about football either. He has broad horizons, and it’s entirely possible he wants to walk away from football before he turns 35 and go live life. Nothing wrong with that, especially after he’s piled up a resume that will almost certainly put him in Canton.

It’s worth remembering when watching the Cardinals this year. It’s also worth remembering he could be inspired to come back again in 2017 and it might not even take that much convincing.

Source: CBS Sports / Larry Fitzgerald is reportedly telling people 2016 will be his final season