The dynamic between former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant has always been one of the most interesting storylines in the history of the NBA. The two seemed to have both a mutual animosity and respect for each other during their playing days and that hot/cold relationship continued after O’Neal retired from the game.

But the two were always very successful on the court, winning three championships together and teaming up to be one of the most dominant teams in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Also their relationship nowadays seems like it’s never been better. But despite that, O’Neal revealed before his Hall of Fame induction that Bryant had not reached out to congratulate him on his impending enshrinement.

A rather odd move for Bryant to make but it was one he rectified on Friday:

It looks Bryant was just waiting for O’Neal’s actual enshrinement to congratulate him. And while he did take his sweet time to acknowledge his former teammate, Bryant picked the perfect photo to pay homage to O’Neal.

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: Kobe Bryant congratulates Shaq on Hall of Fame enshrinement