We, like most people, didn’t have much in the way of expectations for the Chargers in 2016, but that’s what makes football so wonderful: Training camp, preseason and Week 1 of the regular season are less about reality and all about hope. And for much of Sunday afternoon, Chargers’ fans had hope; their team led the AFC West favorite Chiefs by 21 points in the third quarter and everything looked rosy. But then Kansas City inexplicably found a way to tie the score at the end of regulation, and go on to win it in overtime.

So yeah, the more things change …

To recap: The Chargers went 4-12 in 2015 after 9-7 records in Mike McCoy’s first two seasons, and in January, the team extended his contract through 2017.

“We have a belief in Mike and a confidence in him,” general manager Tom Telesco said at the time. “Part of that is the extension. If you want to be a stable winning organization, you have to weather a couple storms. Obviously this year was a big storm, but I think we had to look at it in terms of big picture rather than just this year. We had to look at it over three years, and Mike took us to a winning record two years in a row. Eighteen wins over two years, he took us to the playoffs and won a road playoff game which is difficult in this league. We know we’re disappointed in this year, but Mike is someone we want to build around, so we thought that was important to get that done.”

Source: CBS Sports / LOOK: No lead is too large for Chargers to squander, KC’s Alex Smith scores TD in OT