With the NFL getting going here in Week 1 with the first full Sunday of action, millions of fans are set to be checking their phones, tablets and/or computers all day to see their fantasy football scores. Fantasy football leagues also happen to be very popular among Major League Baseball players and it seems possible that they could be checking their scores during their own baseball games. After all, players often go back to the clubhouse to use the restroom during the game. Why not slip a peek at the phone really fast?

It would appear that former starting pitcher Dan Haren did just that:

Could he be joking? Of course. Haren has a great sense of humor. He’s also not shy about self-deprecating humor with the truth, either. I’m inclined to believe him and also believe that this isn’t rare. I’m sure some would overreact to hearing something like this, but baseball does have a lot of down time and it really doesn’t hurt matters to just take a quick look.

Anyway, good luck to all the fantasy footballers in Week 1!

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Retired MLB pitcher Dan Haren gives a possibly true fantasy football confession