The Jaguars defense learned a painful lesson against the Packers on Sunday: Even when you think you have Aaron Rodgers stopped, you don’t really have him stopped.

With just 20 seconds left in the first half of the Packers’ game in Jacksonville, Rodgers dropped back to pass on a third-and-10 play and looked to be left for dead. Jaguars’ rookie Jalen Ramsey blitzed on the play and looked like he might be able to pull Rodgers down for a huge sack.

aaron-rodgers-jags-pull-09-11-16.pngAaron Rodgers almost got sacked, but threw a TD pass instead. CBS/NFL

Unfortunately for the Jaguars, that’s not what happened. Despite the fact that he was being pulled backward, Rodgers still somehow managed to unload a perfect strike to Davante Adams for a 29-yard touchdown pass.

You have to see it to believe it.

Making a throw like that is difficult enough when you’re not having your jersey ripped off your body, and Rodgers makes it look easy.

The touchdown pass was Rodgers’ second of the half. The Packers quarterback also had a rushing touchdown in the first half as Green Bay jumped out to a 21-17 lead. To keep tabs on the Packers-Jaguars game, be sure to follow along on our GameTracker by clicking here.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Aaron Rodgers rifles a TD while getting his jersey ripped off