On paper, Sean Smith seemed like a solid addition to the Raiders‘ young secondary, another piece to the puzzle that made the Raiders preseason favorites to win the division and make a playoff run for a lot of folks (us included). The good news is that Smith has plenty of time to redeem himself but, Sweet Georgia Brown, he looked like Vince Wilfork in pass coverage against the SaintsBrandin Cooks.

To recap: Cooks had two yards on Smith when he caught the ball at the Saints’ 27-yard line. The lead grew to four yards by the time Cooks hit the Raiders’ 45-yard line, and when Cooks crossed the goal line (and long after Smith had given up), the lead was some 15 yards.

And it’s at this point that we’d like to apologize to Wilfork, because we’re pretty sure he’d do a better job in coverage than Smith, whose attempt at football elicited this response from our co-worker Jared Dubin: “That was disgusting. I feel bad that it was seen on TV.”

Smith would almost certainly agree. Somehow, it gets worse:

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Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Brandin Cooks toasts Raiders for longest TD pass in Saints history