The Browns are known for not always doing things in the most intelligent fashion. It’s a new regime and people are hoping for changes, but some of the early returns probably aren’t bearing the fruit people were hoping.

Notably this fake punt attempt by Cleveland in their own territory in which they used the punter as a blocker.

People were understandably not impressed!

And can you blame anyone?

That was the worst fake punt we’ve seen in quite a while, but maybe not ever. Remember when Chuck Pagano decided to let Griff Whalen snap the ball to Colt Anderson against the Patriots on a Sunday night.

There is one decidedly big problem with having your punter not involved in the fake punt: EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S A FAKE.

Because, you see, you can’t punt. Without the punter.

This is especially problematic when you’re planning on running some kind of jet sweep thing.

Browns lol via NFL Broadcast

You have no other options except to run right and your punter is right there in the mix blocking and not being a punting option.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Browns attempt one of the worst fake punts you’ll ever see