The Dallas Cowboys have wasted no time making Ezekiel Elliott a huge part of their offense. In Elliott’s first career game, the Cowboys have given him 18 carries in just over 34 minutes of game time.

Elliott hasn’t done much with those 18 carries; he has only 49 rushing yards. That 18th carry, though, went for Elliott’s first NFL touchdown.

That’s a nice play design from coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, getting the defense moving left while opening up the cutback lane on the back side for Elliott to scoot around Zack Martin and Doug Free into the end zone.

It’s a nice job by Elliott spying that cutback lane and zooming through it, and a nice job leaping for the goal line when it looked like a couple defenders might have a chance to converge on him.

And it’s a nice vertical leap from Martin, getting about two inches off the ground as he leapt onto Elliott’s back in the end zone.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott flies into the end zone for his first career touchdown