Prior to Sunday’s game against the Marlins, Dodgers rookies, likely on paid of ridicule, dressed up like leaders of cheers. Here, see this …

Yes, those are Dodgers rookies dressed up like cheerleaders.

In matters related, outfielder/thunderclap Yasiel Puig also dressed up like a cheerleader. Of note is that Mr. Puig exhausted his rookie status in 2013. So when he dressed up like a cheerleader on Sunday he did not because ancient tradition compelled him, but rather because he is of, for, and by the people. Please witness …

That’ll do, Puig. That’ll do.

Note that Puig tagged in this particular example of media sociale Rams rookie QB and personal good buddy Jared Goff. You may now thank Mr. Puig for this bit of emotional uplift.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Puig joins Dodgers rookies in bizarre video dressing up like a cheerleader