Terrance Williams didn’t single-handedly lose the Cowboys‘ game, but his decision to remain inbounds in the final seconds did single-handedly seal his team’s loss. A brain cramp — there really is no other way to describe Williams’ decision — prevented the Cowboys from at least attempting to steal a win over the Giants on Sunday.

Some context: The Cowboys, trailing the Giants by a point, were driving down the field in the closing seconds. Without any timeouts, the Cowboys were reduced to either spiking the ball or running out of bounds to stop the clock.

When Dak Prescott hit Terrance Williams on the right side of the field near the Giants’ 48-yard line with fewer than 10 seconds remaining, only one option remained: run out of bounds. If Williams had run out toward the sideline, the Cowboys would’ve at least had seven or so seconds to run another quick out-route to set up a Dan Bailey field goal. Instead, Williams cut back to the inside — even though a clear path to the sideline existed directly in front of him — and was tackled near the 40-yard line.

And then, time ran out on the Cowboys.

Notice Dez Bryant in the background, pointing to the sideline.

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Immediately after, a clearly upset Williams crouched alone on the field, where Cowboys coach Jason Garrett briefly consoled him before crossing the field to shake Ben McAdoo’s hand after the Giants coach won his first-ever NFL-coached game.

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Again, Williams isn’t completely responsible for the loss. Prescott averaged 5.0 yards per attempt, Ezekiel Elliott averaged 2.5 yards per carry, and the Cowboys’ offense scored just one touchdown in three red-zone trips.

But it’s Williams’ late blunder that will stand out above all of Dallas’ other issues. That’s how big of a brain cramp it was.

Source: CBS Sports / WATCH: Terrance Williams’ brain cramp dooms Cowboys’ late rally against Giants